How to Set a Stunning Holiday Table in 5 Simple Steps

Decorating your home for the holidays can give you an instant boost of happiness. But there’s something really special about sharing the holiday spirit with others. A good example of this would be a holiday table setting.

A table full of people laughing and enjoying themselves is a joyous tabletop moment, but it can be challenging to create the perfect atmosphere. We asked designer Nicole Fisher for some advice. The New York native started out as a fashion designer before pivoting to interior design and serving as lead designer for One Kings Lane. She’s the owner of her own interior design firm, BNR Interiordesigns.

From color schemes and smells to nailing the perfect cocktail bar set up, Fisher lays out the basics for creating a cozy, convi­vial holiday table that‘s entirely your own.

Create a Color Scheme

Color is one of my favorite things to play with. For Christmas, I decided to go with silver. It shines in the candlelight and looks beautiful. Different shapes, textures and tones of silver are seen throughout the table, from candle holders, to glassware, to vases.

My favorite colors are red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, brown, black, white, gray, silver, and gold. For the holiday season, I went with silver jewelry. It glows in the candlelight and looks beautiful. You can see different shapes, textures, and colors of silver in the table with candleholders, glasses, and vases.

Adorn With Abandon

Put all your found objects, votive candles, and vases on display at random. It makes it seem less unnatural. Different heights and textures play an important role. Don’t put two people who look similar together. The best part is that there is no formula for this; therefore, it’s very simple to replicate. Pay attention to smells. Stick to one scent for the entire dinner party.

Keep It Simple

Keep the greenery to a minimum for a cozy dinner party at your house. It’s essential for your guests to feel comfortable and welcome in your beautiful space. Simple bud vases can be used for a small number of flowers. Let your candle holders and other accessories do the talking. To add a bit of extra greenery, place a few sprigs of rosemary on each plate.

To create a warm atmosphere for a cozy dinner party at your house, keep the greenery to a minimum. It’s essential for your guests to feel comfortable and welcome in your beautiful space. Simple bud vases make for a nice presentation of a few flowers. Let your candles and accessories do the talking. To add a bit of extra color, place a small spritz of rosemary on each plate setting.

When I drink beer, I feel like I’m making a statement. Give the same amount love to the bar as to the table. Here I like to include a wow floral moment, show off all the formal wine and cocktails glasses, and arrange them so everything is easily accessible. Make sure to keep one bottle of each liquor out so your guests can mix and match for their cocktails, and make sure the champagne is chilled in an ice bucket before serving. Adding additional candles here adds a beautiful ambience.

Break Out the China

It’s a perfect time to take out those wedding china pieces you’ve been saving for a special occasion. Set up each table setting so that there is a charger, a dinner plate and a salad plate. A folded dinner napkins on each table setting makes it look perfect.



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