The Easiest Way to Refresh Your Space Every Season

My house is quite small, so I don’t have much room for storage. Unfortunately, my budget doesn’t allow for much storage. Sometimes, it feels like a challenge to do things without spending lots of money. But with some inspiration, creativity, and maybe a few buckets of paint (or even better, spray paint), transforming your home on a tight budget is totally possible. If you’re wondering how to refresh your living space for the spring season, look no further than the following 10 ideas.

This list of easy yet impactful ideas was inspired from my own journey of redesign­ing my space. My overall aesthetic has remained consistent throughout my life, but I go through shifts and season where I feel more neutral and natural and other times when I want my home to be bolder and more abstract. We should be able to change our living spaces according to our changing tastes. Without drilling any new holes in the wall, let’s dive into the tips below.

Do a Layout Audit

There’s no doubt that we’ll always be fans of HGTV and theMagnolia Network. It’s so satisfying to see people refresh their spaces and overhaul their homes. If you read this article and take away just one thing, let it be this: Small changes to your layout can have an enormous impact. Try taking one of these two approaches. Begin by mapping out your space. Then set yourself up for pre-planed success. Or let your house designer show you where things need to go. And then see how the changes resonate with you. Great news! If you don’t like it, simply move your sofa to the other end of the room.

Do a Nightstand Edit

If I had to choose any surface of my room where a small change could make a big difference, it’d be my nightstand. My favorite social media content includes time lapse videos of interior designers and influencers refreshing their bedroom tables. Make sure you take some time to think about what objects and things you’d like to have in your bedroom. Read? Yes. Glass of water? For sure? Phone? Definitely (maybe?) not.

Play With Your Books

Instead of keeping your books on your coffee table, display them on a shelf or ledge where they get more attention. Bookshelves and library shelves have always been a source for design inspiration for me, so displaying striking covers on a bookshelf brings you one step closer to achieving that look. You probably already have a variety of different shapes, sizes, and types of music that would work well for any color palettes.

Vinyl records have an allure because of their album art! Put them somewhere where they won’t get knocked off. They’re also thin enough that you could layer something else in front to give them more depth. Records (especially secondhand) can be a good starting point for your art collection. When it comes to music, don’t just look at the pictures. Listen to the songs too. Seeing them displayed will remind you of all the joy music has brought into your life, too!

Infuse Your Space With Sentimentality

Speaking of the emotion design can inspire in your space… If you don’t have any family photos or travel photos tucked away in a drawer or frame, consider putting some up on your ledge. One day, I’ll be able to create a gorgeous black and white photo ledge for my family.

Layer in Light

Light can be used to illuminate dark corners. The way light moves through our space and illuminat­es every corner can totally transform how your home looks, and how you feel in each of its rooms. Layered lighting gives your home an inviting yet sophisticated look. And while how you decorate your home is entirely up to you, striking the perfect balance among the three main types of light is important. A refresher:

Natural ambient lighting. Mimics the natural light that comes into your home through your windows

Task lighting illuminates areas of work and play.

Accent lighting highlights design elements within your home, such as artwork, furniture, or architectural details.

A disclaimer: You do not need to spend major $$ on new lighting fixtures. Try moving a lamp from one table to another in your living room or swap out some shades for a soft, diffused light. Philips Hue light bulbs let you create your own customized mood lighting using your smartphone.



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