FIFA Says Foreign Players Can Leave Ukraine And Russia

FIFA says foreign players in Russia Ukraine can break contracts

The decision was made after the Russian Football Union (RFS) failed to pay wages to several players who were contracted by the club Zenit St Petersburg.

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Ukraine crisis Fifa says foreign players can leave Russia

The decision by world football’s governing body FIFA comes after Russian authorities banned all matches involving Ukrainian clubs in the country.

FIFA Says Foreign Players Can Leave Ukraine And Russia

The decision was made after the Russian Football Union (RFS) failed to pay players’ salaries for months. It said it had “no money left” to pay its staff.

Russia bans games with Ukrainian teams

Zenit, which is owned by Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, has been hit hard by the financial crisis and is currently battling against relegation from the top flight of Russian football.

FIFA Says All Players In Russia Ukraine Can Break Contracts

The decision came as part of an investigation into allegations that the RFS mismanaged funds. The organisation said it would not be able to pay wages until next month at least.

Ukrainian players have also complained they are being paid late.

Russian Federation President Vladimir Putin has warned that any further sanctions could lead to “serious consequences” for relations between Moscow and Western countries.

Putin: ‘We Will Not Be Threatened’

He told German Chancellor Angela Merkel during their first face-to-face meeting since she became leader of Europe’s biggest economy on Monday that he wanted to restore ties with her country.

FIFA Says Foreign Player In Russia Ukraine Can Break Contract

The decision by world soccer’s governing body FIFA comes amid mounting tensions over the conflict in eastern Ukraine.

FIFA Says Russia To Play World Cup Qualifying Matches Without Fans

The ban will apply to all competitions organised by the federation including the Confederations Cup and the 2018 World Cup qualifiers.

FIFA Says No Games With Ukraine Until Further Notice

It also means no matches featuring the national team or other official events such as the Euro 2016 qualifier against Israel on Friday.

Russia Bans All Sports Events With Ukraine

The decision follows international condemnation of the violence in east Ukraine, where more than 6,000 people have died since April 2014.

FIFA Says Ukraine Can’t Host 2022 World Cup

The move is expected to affect the two sides’ World Cup qualifying campaign, which starts in June.

World Cup 2022 host Russia bans all sports events with Ukraine

FIFA said it had decided to suspend the men’s and women’s national teams from both nations from playing each other until further notice.

FIFA Says Russian Federation Has Violated International Law

The suspension includes all competitions organized by the federation including the 2017 Confederations Cup and the upcoming 2018 World Cup qualifiers. The ban also applies to all official events held by the federation including the European Championships in France next year.

FIFA Says Ukranian National Team Can’t Participate In Olympics

The decision comes following reports that the Ukrainian government may pull out of the tournament in protest over what it calls Russia’s “occupation” of Crimea.

FIFA Says Ukraine Can’t Host Olympic Football Tournaments

Ukraine’s president Petro Poroshenko called the ban “a shameful step”. He accused Russia of trying to use sport to “blackmail” his nation.

FIFA Says World Cup Qualifiers Between Ukraine And Russia Suspended

FIFA says it is suspending the qualification process for the 2018 World Cup because of the ongoing situation in eastern Ukraine.

Ukraine’s President Calls FIFA Ban On Its Teams A ‘Shameful Step’

FIFA says it has suspended the qualification process for the World Cup because of the continuing situation in Eastern Ukraine.

FIFA suspends World Cup qualifiers after Ukraine ban

FIFA said it was taking action to protect the integrity of its competitions. It added that it was acting.



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